VRaid - Virtual Reality
for Social Anxiety Disorder

The overall vision of VR8 is to provide a flexible and adjustable treatment of social anxiety among adults by developing, evaluating and implementing a virtual reality exposure intervention
with an automated biofeedback system. The automated biofeedback system collects information about the patients heart rate, sweat and respiration. The use of both virtual reality and the biofeedback system shall provide a flexible and adjustable treatment of social anxiety. 

VR8 is a collaboration of clinical and technical scientists, who are working both separately and in close collaboration to contribute to the development of an individualised treatment with virtual reality and biofeedback, called the VR8-solution. 

Recent updates

0 .000
Danes are estimated to have an anxiety disorder
0 years

The project periode extends from 2019-2024

0 focus areas

The project is divided into 5 work packages

0 million

The project has a total budget of 17 millon DKK kr. 

VR shall expose patients to the disorder

The project uses virtual reality, in order to enable patients to train any given situation that otherwise would be avoided in real life

Body measurements are vital for treatment

The project uses body measurements for the experiences in VR. The patient’s pulse, sweat, respiration and eye movements are registered and used to adjust the exposure

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