VR8 is a project between 6 partners, each of which plays an important role.

Centre for Digital Psychiatry is a unique unit in Denmark working on using technology to disseminate and improve psychiatric treatment. Centre for Digital Psychiatry has the only clinic in Denmark that offers internet-based guided self-help, but the center is also made up of a development and implementation team, a research unit and an administrative department. In addition to handling and running projects on its own, the center also provides knowledge on the use of technology in the health service regionally and nationally. Centre for Digital Psychiatry is part of Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark.

iMotions’ vision is to create creative and smart technology systems and solutions that contribute to human well-being. They work towards their goals by entering into collaborations that promote both science and business. Among other things, in psychiatric research. iMotions has developed the platform of the same name that enables integration of several biosensors such as eye tracking, sweat and heart rate (EDA / GSR) and brain scans (EEG). By applying these measurements in real time, iMotions can provide a greater insight into people’s thoughts, feelings and actions.

CIMT works with innovation and research in medical technologies. With a location between SDU and OUH, CIMT has a strong research environment and is very interested in solutions that can provide new opportunities for patient groups who have limited access to treatment. Among other things, CIMT works with clinical, organizational and financial effects of new solutions.

The vision of the Department of Clinical Research is to contribute to human health. The department is responsible for research at Odense University Hospital (OUH), and has many experiences in research with both somatic and psychiatric patients.
MMMI is a research unit at the technical faculty at SDU. MMMI specialize in research in the development of technology and systems that can improve learning, rehabilitation and health. The institute has a leading position in robotics, but has further experience in both VR and sensor technology.

The Department of Psychology is actively working to create new knowledge in the field of psychology that can improve human health. The research is further included as part of the teaching material in the psychology study that the department handles. The Department of Psychology works to establish interdisciplinary collaborations that can contribute to the overall vision. E-mental health is a high priority field for the department, which includes the use of new technology in the treatment of mental disorders.

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