Christmas greetings from the VR8 team

A new year is just around the corner and we are looking back at a busy year in the VR8 project.

In November, we had the pleasure of gathering all the project partners “in real life” at our annual consortium meeting and wrap up 2021.

During 2021, we have developed five different VR videos where patients e.g. can go grocery shopping or visit a café in VR. Furthermore, a number of individuals without social anxiety, individuals with social anxiety and therapists have been testing the VR videos combined with the VR headset and electrodes to measure the physical reactions. The testing is almost finalised and now data analyses and final touches remains.

This means that we are very close to having a VR8 solution ready for patient treatment. We expect to invite the first patients with social anxiety for treatment during Q1 2022.  

We wish all of our colleagues, collaborators, and those interested in the project happy holidays and a Happy New Year!


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