Testing feasibility with patients

Currently, we are testing VR exposure videos, VR equipment, and the biometric measuring (pulse, sweat and breathing) with patients at the Centre for Digital Psychiatry. This is a part of the feasibility study, that looks into the usability of the VR8 solution and the likelihood of patients and therapists using and benefitting from the VR8 solution.
The aim of the feasibility study is to provide valuable insights to ensure that the VR8 solution is optimized and ready for the following RCT study.

The testing takes place in a newly decorated room at the Centre for Digital Psychiatry. In the room, there is an area for computers and the technical equipment, an area where the VR exposure takes place, and an area for the therapy. When the technical equipment and therapy is gathered in the same room, it provides a new opportunity for the therapist to show data and recordings form the VR exposure on a whiteboard screen and share it with the patient. This makes it possible for the patient and therapist to see and discuss what happened at the VR exposure.

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